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MetroPCS Rebate Center

MetroPCS is all about providing customers high value at a low price. It’s reflected in our robust rate plans and in our affordable, high-quality devices. To ensure our customers receive all the value they deserve, we want to make sure that they receive the offers they are entitled to, including rebates.

Need help with your rebate? You’re in the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit for a MetroPCS rebate?

If the device you purchased is eligible for a rebate and you purchased it from a MetroPCS corporate store or authorized dealer location, you can either submit your rebate request digitally or find and print a copy of the rebate form at If you are submitting digitally, please have a photo or scanned version of all required documents ready before you begin the submission process. If you choose to mail in your submission, please include the completed form, all required documents and send them to the address provided on the rebate form.

Review the rebate form carefully to ensure you are submitting the correct promotional offer and meet all the eligibility requirements for the promotion.

Remember, you must submit your rebate prior to the last postmark date indicated on the form. Always keep copies of your rebate materials for reference.

I purchased my product online and did not receive a receipt/start of service request form. Can I still receive a rebate?

Qualifying purchases made online should have been accompanied by a packing slip. For these purchases, the packing slip may be used as the receipt. The start of service request forms will also be accepted as a receipt.

I lost my receipt /start of service request. Can I still submit for the promotion?

If your rebate request form requires a copy of a receipt or start of service request, you must submit this. Contact the MetroPCS authorized dealer or corporate store where you purchased the phone to obtain a copy of your receipt/start of service request. It is helpful to know your exact purchase date when requesting a copy of your receipt.

Where do I find the UPC, MEID, IMEI or ESN label?


Most rebates require that you send an original or copy of the UPC/MEID/IMEI label. This barcode label is found on the product box or packaging. Be sure you include the entire UPC/MEID/IMEI barcode label that contains the product SKU and MEID/IMEI numbers. We strongly recommend that you keep copies of all of your rebate materials, including a copy of the barcode label.

I missed the postmark date for the promotion. Can I still submit my rebate request form?

Rebates have specific terms that define the times during which they are valid. Regrettably, if the postmark date has passed for your rebate, you will not be eligible for that rebate. Watch for future MetroPCS offers, check the dates and submit for your rebate promptly.

When I checked the status of my rebate, it is not found. What should I do?

First, check the date that you mailed your rebate materials. If you submitted past the last postmark date, your rebate request will not be accepted.

Please allow 4 weeks from your mailing date for your rebate materials to be received and processed into the system. If you are still unable to locate your rebate submission request after 4 weeks, contact us by email, online Chat, or by calling 1-800-999-6389. A Rebate Customer Service representative will be happy to assist you.

I checked the status of my rebate and it states that my submission is invalid. What do I need to do to receive my rebate?

You will receive a notification explaining why your submission was deemed invalid.

If your submission is invalid due to missing or incomplete information, such as an incomplete form, missing or invalid receipt or other proof of purchase, or other missing documents, simply follow the directions on your notification to send in the missing information.

Include the following submission materials:

  • The missing submission materials specified in your notification
  • Your full name and address
  • Your MetroPCS phone number
  • Your rebate submission tracking number, printed on your notification
  • The Dept. # specified in your notification

Send the resubmission information to the Dept. # and address provided on your notification:

METROPCS Rebate Program
Resubmission Dept. # XXXX (Dept. number is identified on your notification form)
P.O. Box 740912
El Paso, TX 88574-0912

If your submission is invalid because you did not meet the eligibility requirements for the promotional offer, regrettably, we cannot make exceptions to the offer requirements. Please carefully review the rebate submission form for all of the promotion and eligibility requirements. If you believe the notification was made in error, please contact Rebate Customer Service at 1-800-999-6389 as soon as you receive the notification so that we can provide resolution.

When will I receive my MetroPCS rebate?

Please allow 12 weeks for the processing of your rebate request. If you have not received your rebate or status notification after 12 weeks, contact us at 1-800-999-6389 for assistance. You can also track your rebate submission request online at